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As mothers, aunts and grandmothers, we at Kids Capes of Courage understand the difficulties faced by children who experience physical and emotional challenges. These kids are the real superheroes of the world.

When children are sick, have to spend time in the hospital or suffer disabilities, our hope is that a Kids Cape of Courage will make a scary situation a little less so. We custom make our capes to fit each child’s personality. From babies in the NICU to teenagers battling cancer, we want each child to know how brave and strong they are.

How can YOU help?

  • Donate supplies such as fabric, appliques, scissors, measuring tapes, sewing machines, etc.
  • Donate gift cards to fabric/craft stores
  • Donate time to help sew capes
  • Monetary donations

100% of all monetary donations are tax deductible and go to purchase the supplies needed to make Kids Capes of Courage!

“Sometimes, real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles”